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The Speedline Slashers allow you to affordably enter the world of Carbon Fiber BMX rims with the high quality of Torray T700 Carbon and the Speedline name.

Built exclusively from Torray T700 High Modulus Carbon Fiber, they are  light, stiff and strong. Designed for up to 100psi pressures.

The Speedline Slashers 507 Carbon Fiber BMX rims accept 24x1.4, 24x1.5, 24x1.6 , 24x1.75, 24x1.8, 24x1.95, 24x2.0, and 24x2.125 tires.

All Speedline Slasher Rims are drilled for a Presta Valve. And are 100% Tubeless compatable, or you can run them with a traditional inner tube, such as a 60mm Presta valve BMX inner tube.

Currently available in Gloss Black or Gloss White.

Black or White

Rim Drilling: 36

Manufacturer Spec ERD (mm): 470 mm

Rim Center Offset (mm): 4 mm

Rim Depth (mm): 35 mm

Rim Material: High Modulous Torray T700 Carbon Fiber

Rim Width (External): 35 mm

Rim Width (Internal): 24.5 mm

Tire Type: Tubeless Ready Clincher

Valve: Presta

Weight: 390 g for 24" Version

Available in both a V- Brake ( Rear ) and a Disc ( Front ) model. If you are running a Disc Brake Set up. Please purchase 2 of the Disc ( Front ) rims as you do not need the brake track that is on the V- Brake ( Rear Rim )

Max Tire Pressure recommended is 110psi.
Max Spoke Tension is 130 kgf
Max Rider Weight is 330lb or 150kg