About Us

The year was 2008 and our sister company, SupercrossBMX, was in need of a quality components brand to compliment their ultra posh complete bikes. Originally, we set out to produce good parts at an affordable cost. Nothing too fancy, just quality components that worked but didn’t break the bank. However, this idea quickly went out the window as business started to roll in. We thought, why produce just OK parts, when we can produce the BEST and cut cost? 

Now our aim is to produce the very BEST and most PREMIUM products on the market at a fraction of the cost. After 14 years (and counting), we now offer a full range of components for BMX Race Bikes, Mountain Bikes, and even a few Freestyle parts. We’ve learned a thing or two about componentry over the years and quickly developed a full range of products to complement some of the fasted bikes in the world!