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We know the current trend is to be silent. You want that Ninja attack on your opponent as you swoop up from behind. But there is something to be said for the LOUD hubs,  and these are LOUD! The new Speedline Killer Buzz Hubs use our ‘Worm Drive’ system to give you near instant engagement. Even better, they produce minimal rolling resistance (drag).  With Less rolling resistance, these hubs will go faster when you are coasting rather than having the drag to slow you down... And lets face it. How often are you PEDALING the ENTIRE track,  Be honest... we all coast more than we pedal. So shouldn't that be where you want the advantage?

Currently available in 36h Pro size, in Disk or Non Disk options.

Currently Black only - More colors coming soon.

Also available in complete wheels laced up to our new Speedline Alloy Rims with Double Butted Stainless steel spokes.

Comes with a Cro-mo rear 16t cog that is Shimano® Comatible.

Rear axles is set for 10mm and 15 mm frames with the included hardware and the 20mm front hub includes the 20mm front axle.

Weight is 400 grams for the rear V Brake and 150 grams for the front 20mm hub.