Speedline Parts


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The Speedline Elite Hollow Carbon Cranks are the absolute cutting edge in BMX carbon fiber race crank technology.

The hollow Speedline Carbon Fiber Arms are hand laid up with the finest Torray Nano Alloy Carbon and then high compaction molded to form the lightest and stiffest crank structure currently on the market. Add in the oversize 30mm Spindle and you have the best power transfer possible in BMX. It's Carbon Fiber spider has special layers of carbon titanium composites along with it's 7075 aluminum insert to maximize power transfer and minimize weight.

All of this technology packed into a 495 gram crankset. And then to make sure that your power is spun out to the rear wheels properly, we have included a super smooth EB30 Sealed bearing bottom bracket, that uses the finest precision ground hardened steel balls, so that it spins better than even the ceramics.

Available in 170mm, 175mm and 180mm sizes.